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The Pratch and Company Active Coping Assessment System

Leslie S Pratch

A graduate of Northwestern University, the Feinberg School of Medicine, where she earned her PhD, Leslie S. Pratch is the CEO and president of Pratch & Company. Drawing upon almost two decades of experience in clinical psychology, Leslie S. Pratch has created several programs for determining the coping capabilities of business executives, including the Active Coping Assessment system.

Designed to help companies predict how executives are likely to act when presented with stressful situations, the Active Coping Assessment system presents the executive with several vague and potentially discomfiting situations, each of which requires an action or response. Instead of relying on pre-prepared responses, executives must draw upon their internal psychological resources to respond.
As such, the Active Coping Assessment system leverages psychological realism to predict how the executive will perform in a complex management role. The system determines the stability and strength of the executive’s current coping tendencies, which it links to his or her motivations and values.

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