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Article Highlights Importance of Active Coping in Leadership

Leslie S Pratch

An author, a licensed clinical psychologist, and the founder and CEO of Pratch & Company, Leslie S. Pratch is an authority on personality evaluation as a metric for predicting leadership effectiveness in the business world. Recently, Leslie S. Pratch wrote an article published in the European Financial Review titled “An Investor’s Least Favorite Statement -- ‘Oops Wrong CEO.’”

In the following excerpt from the article, Leslie Pratch discusses the key concept of “active coping”: “Active copers, by contrast, are built to be capable and eager to deal with whatever obstacles and opportunities they face. Active coping is being ready and able to adapt creatively and effectively to challenge and change. Active copers continually strive to achieve personal aims and overcome difficulties, rather than passively retreat from or be overwhelmed by frustration. They move towards the problems and opportunities with open hearts and open minds.

“In business, unexpected events occur, for which no playbook has been written. Active copers do not lose their footing in such cases, but rather thrive on the opportunity to seek out information about what is happening, rally the right team, and learn as part of the process of steering towards success.”

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